IITF issues the following publications:

Terminology Science & Research (TSR, ISSN 1017-382X)

Journal Terminology Science & Research is an international scientific review that focuses on terminological research. The TSR is published in electronic form since 2003. The printed issues (before 2001) can ordered via TermNet (termnet(at)

The electronic journal

  • Issues in electronic form can be downloaded from here
  • The newest issue is for members only


Guidelines for contributors

Authors who plan to submit manuscripts to the journal Terminology Science and Research, please find the guidelines for submission of manuscripts here. Please submit articles to the editorial board via Marita Kristiansen (Marita.kristiansen(at)


Selected articles from Terminology Science & Research will be published in book form, with intervals of a couple of years.

  • List of IITF publications can be found here.


TNN News

Additionally the members have access to older issues of the TNN News.
TermNet News, TNN, Journal of International Cooperation in Terminology