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IITF-colloquium 2013

"Terminology and Usability of Information Systems"

in association with the
19th European Symposium on Language for Special Purposes

University of Vienna, Austria

July 9, 2013

This colloquium invites terminologists, researchers, technical and professional communicators, translators, system designers, university teachers, etc. to discuss various aspects of terminology regarding the usability of information systems.

 Programme (pdf)

Invited presentations:

Prof. Michael J. Albers, East Carolina University: Terminology Considerations for Creating a 5E model to Enhance Design Usability


Prof. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Cologne University of Applied Sciences: Terminology as a key factor for using information systems

Selected papers (25 minutes + 5 minutes discussion):


Open discussions

 Language: The working language of the colloquium is English.

The participation fee: The participation fee is the LSP conference registration fee: http://lsp2013.univie.ac.at/registration/. Please note that the early-bird registration is valid until April 30, 2013.

Registration through the LSP registration system: http://lsp2013.univie.ac.at/registration/registration-form/

Since 2001 the International Institute for Terminology Research (IITF) has organized colloquia within the organizational framework of the European LSP Symposium, which takes place every two years. The general aim of these colloquia is to offer a platform for discussion of modern theoretical and applied issues within the field of terminology. The aim of the colloquium of 2013 is to highlight the role of terminology in improving the usability of information systems.

People spend much of their lives online with the help of information systems specialized in e.g. studies, shopping, banking, social life, entertainment etc. In the information systems used by different kinds of users in different kinds of activities, usability is constantly present. Usability refers to the extent to which for example the information system can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals in an effective and efficient manner. Usually, usability becomes an issue when users encounter problems that often culminate in terminological questions.

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